Harry Hampel

Born in 1951 in Wolfsburg.

Three and a half years of training to become a photo merchant and portrait photographer.
In Berlin since 1976; since 1979, working as a freelance photojournalist.
Thousands of photos published in daily and weekly newspapers, books and television programs.

After extensive research, three photo voyages to the Berlins, Hamburgs, and Frankfurts of the world.

Large archive of his own photos on many topics, with a focus on Berlin and the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Wall.

Publications in newspapers/magazines/journals (selected)

Hamburger Abendblatt, Series “Hamburg liegt nicht nur an der Elbe”, August 31 to September 15, 1998, Hamburg

Welt am Sonntag 7/1997 of February 16, 1997, Hamburg

Der Tagesspiegel, six-month Sunday series from March to September 1996, Berlin

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin 10/1998 of March 6, 1998, Munich

Spiegel special 6/1997: Berlin, Börlin, p. 156, Hamburg

Deutschland – Journal for politics, culture, economy and science. In several languages.
6 (December)/1995, and 6 (December)/1996. Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, Bonn

PENTAX FLASH 3/[19]98, Hamburg

ELLE PLUS, May 1998, Munich


“Wo stand die Mauer? Where stood the Wall?”, German/English, Stadtwandel Verlag, Regensburg 2014, ISBN 978-3-86711-227-7

“Von Hamburg über Hamburg nach Hamburg – Eine fotografische Weltreise”, Verlag Die Hanse, Hamburg 2001, ISBN 3-434-52576-9

“Von Berlin über Berlin nach Berlin – Fotos einer Weltreise”, German/English, Verlag Rütten & Loening, Berlin 1998, ISBN 3-352-00616-4

“Freiheit schöner Götterfunken – Die glücklichen Tage von Berlin”, Ullstein Verlag, Berlin 1990, ISBN 3-550-07999-0


“Wo die Mauer war [Where the Wall Stood]”:
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Pretoria, South Africa, October 2000 (ten years of German Unity)
Museum der Verbotenen Kunst, Berlin, August to November, 2000
Goethe-Institut Athens, Greece, October to November, 1999
Museum der Verbotenen Kunst, Berlin, August to November, 1994

“Berlin liegt nicht nur an der Spree [Berlin is not only on the river Spree]”:
Zentrum für Berlin-Studien, Berlin, May 25 to September 6, 1997
Berlin Town Hall, Säulensaal, Berlin, Febraury 13 to April 8, 1997

“Hamburg liegt nicht nur an der Elbe [Hamburg is not only on the river Elbe]”:
PENTAX Pavilion, Photokina 1998, Cologne
Hamburg Town Hall, August 1 to September 8, 1998


Guinness Book of Records 1997, p. 139, Hamburg 1997