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“Wo stand die Mauer? Where stood the Wall?”

New edition!

Berliners and tourists alike can be seen helplessly at the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie in search of evidence of the Berlin Wall.

Even for experts of the city it is difficult to trace the former border. The present book answers the question of the course of the Wall in a manner as easy as obvious.

The numerous “double motives” from the unique archive of the photographer Harry Hampel invite to a comparative view at the contemporary history. Since the seventies years, the photographer documented “prominent” places as well as unspectacular ones along the border fortifications around West Berlin. After the fall of the Wall, Harry Hampel amended the documentation by photographing the very same street sections, squares and urban spaces once more.

144 pages, 120 photos, format 21 cm x 25 cm, publisher: Stadtwandel Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86711-227-7, € 19.95

“Von Berlin über Berlin nach Berlin” [From Berlin via Berlin to Berlin]

Berlin is everywhere.

Taking the notion of a world city literally, Harry Hampel set off to photograph Berlins throughout the world. From that came a brilliant photo book in a bilingual edition (German/English).

The first of his three adventurous Berlin voyages led him in 1995 to the United States, where he visited 26 Berlins in 18 states and drove 20 000 kms (almost 12 500 miles) criss-crossing the country.

The second voyage began in 1996 in South Africa and went on to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, followed by El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

The third voyage began in 1997 in Peru and ended in Canada.

Even the village of Berlin near Bad Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, he did not forget to document.

With about 200 color illustrations, about 240 pages. Hardback, with a cover poster.

Regrettably out of print.

“Von Hamburg über Hamburg nach Hamburg”
[From Hamburg via Hamburg to Hamburg] rating: 4 arrows (of 5), 27 November 2001

A photographic journey around the world

Hamburg is everywhere. Mostly founded by emigrants from Hamburg in Germany, there exist 51 Hamburgs in the world. Harry Hampel toured 41 of them with his camera. Even if the differences from the Hanseatic city on the river Elbe could not be greater: Harry Hampel shows in his photo book fascinating faces of the unequal relatives.

168 pages, publisher: Verlag Die Hanse, ISBN 3-434-52576-9, € 12.90

“Die Mauer The Wall Le Mur Стена 1989 2009”

The photographer Harry Hampel has over the years repeatedly gone on tour with his camera to capture the gradual transformation of Berlin at selected places. The photo book “The Wall 1989 2009” with its 18 image pairs of historical black-and-white and current color photo is a document of unbelieving astonishment, silent pause — and also remembrance of a not-too-distant yesterday.

32 pages, stapled, format 16 cm x 11 cm, 1st edition, publisher: Stadtwandel Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86711-091-4, € 3.—

“Berlin im Wandel The Changing Face of Berlin”

The principle is conceivably simple: before- and after-photos of a rapidly changing city. But the images of photographer Harry Hampel show more. They tell not only what has happened in Berlin in the years since the fall of the Wall in 1989, but also give room to the remembrance of the era of division into East and West. The time-travel with images leads to prominent places in the city center and is optimally complemented by the already published book “The Wall”.

32 pages, stapled, format 16 cm x 11 cm, 1st edition, publisher: Stadtwandel Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86711-115-7, € 3.—

“Kurfürstendamm im Wandel The Changing Face of Kurfürstendamm”

The third photo booklet is dedicated to the boulevard of Berlin's West. In historical and contemporary image pairs the photographer Harry Hampel shows how Kurfürstendamm and Tauentzienstraße have changed over time.

32 pages, stapled, format 16 cm x 11 cm, 1st edition, publisher: Stadtwandel Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86711-168-3, € 3.—